Owner Renewal of CEP/CRP

You should only access this application if you are or representing the benefitting property owner. If you are associated with the Tenant Applicant, you should access the Tenant Renewal CEP/CRP form. You can find the Tenant Renewal under Available Filings.

The Commercial Revitalization Program (CRP) and Commercial Expansion Program (CEP) provide property tax benefits for qualified new, renewal, and expansion leases designed to increase commercial tenant occupancy in older lower Manhattan buildings and in commercial offices and industrial/manufacturing spaces in the outer boroughs. You are eligible to submit the CRP/CEP renewal application and maintain the associated abatement credits if:

  • You have previously received a Notification of Eligibility from the Department of Finance, citing the specifics of your tenant’s eligibility.
  • Your tenant has maintained their CEP/CRP eligible tenancy within your CEP/CRP eligible building.
  • Your property billing reflects a CRP/CEP abatement credit(s). 
  • You have received a notice to file a renewal to maintain CRP/CEP abatement credits on your property.

Submit the renewal form by July 1 to maintain credits for the upcoming tax year.

If the presented information is correct, please click the “Begin Filing” button.

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